Theater Seats

Acting is its own ball game. I don't pretend to be a great actor -- but I have performed on stage & screen enough to hold my own. I prefer pushing buttons over acting the fool -- yet both can be really fun. I was drawn to the stage when a kid & certainly enjoyed the experience. As I neared adulthood I set out to gain familiarity with the film & production world. One of the best ways to do so is while earning peanuts as an extra. I've had a few featured roles, here & there... but I was primarily on set to study production process. I might jump back into the fray in the future, but likely as a technician.

Should you choose the same route, make sure you are balancing your on-set acting days with grip days. If your goal is to be a technician, you need to build your reputation as a technician. There is a more distinct pecking order on the technical side of things. It helps to know people -- but you get hired, often, based on prior work & credits.